Mama Fury on waking up the Avengers.

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QUEEN YUNA requested by anon

Sarah Geronimo singing Let It Go :) 

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I wish I had skills and talent like this *le sigh

I wish I had skills and talent like this *le sigh

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ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

Oh wow.

Someone put my frustrations and feelings into words. This sums up my school life. My goal was to excel in school and make my sister and parents proud but I didn’t really know what I wanted to become. I was lost. And I am still. I feel like I’m just going with the flow. :(

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Can I just say I’m so proud of Mao Asada?

She and Yuna are my ladies, my babies :) They have matured so much and their skating as well. I am so proud of both of them.

Even though I love Yuna to bits, I think Mao deserved every single point she got in her SP that broke Yuna’s world record in Vancouver. If anyone is deserving to do that it’s Mao and no one else right now (for me). Her Sp is just absolute beauty and had more impression than Yuna’s Bond for me. Also, the rules and scoring change a lot and most of them are in favor of Mao and a disadvantage to Yuna so actually Mao’s score isn’t a surprise at all. But she totally earned it. I’m happy that she can end her career on a high note, a new world record and probably a 3rd World title. :) 

Though I’m gonna confess, Yuna’s Send in the Clowns, if scored properly, should have been the new world record holder. But Mao as a new world record holder is still pretty awesome. I’m hoping that Yuna’s LP will not be broken tho but I have a funny feeling that it will. 

Anonymous asked: Why don't we examine Yuna's second lutz? The answer is that they were easy on calls that night, for everyone. Also, GOE has nothing to do with what the technical panel does. Height, distance of jump, and steadiness of landing are considered. The gif you made shows an almost unchecked landing for Yuna. +3 GOE is not awarded just because there aren't glaring errors. Mao Asada has pretty much never gotten an overall +3 in her entire career (not that I agree, but still).

I’ve only been analyzing the first jumping pass. Hold on to your horses. I will get to Yuna’s 2nd Lutz.

And yes, the Technical Panel can affect GOEs. I have explained that in my post. And I have listed the guidelines for GOEs. But if you missed them, here they are again: 

Guidelines for +GOEs in Jumps (copied from ISU’s actual pdf) (+1 GOE: 2 bullets; +2 GOE: 4 bullets; +3 GOE: 6 or more bullets)

1) unexpected / creative / difficult entry

2) clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element

3) varied position in the air / delay in rotation

4) good height and distance

5) good extension on landing / creative exit

6) good flow from entry to exit including jump combinations / sequences

7) effortless throughout

8) element matched to the musical structure

So “Height, distance of jump, and steadiness of landing are considered.” is only a portion of the criteria for +GOEs. See above guidelines.

As for my GIF not clearly showing Yuna’s landing, truth be told I have just learned how to make GIF a few days ago BUT didn’t I mention she had a little of an under-rotation? You can watch the video yourself if you want to check. I will update this post when I have the time. 

Very easy on calls that night? Or very easy on calls for the Russians? The Tech Panel was able to spot Mao Asada’s wrong edge and under-rotations. In fact, Shin Amano said their calls were “very strict”. And this is Shin Amano we’re talking about. Also, they were able to spot Gracie Gold’s wrong edge on flip, Yulia’s wrong edge on 3Lz-2T, Ashley’s wrong edge on 3Lz, Akiko’s wrong edge on 3F, Zijun’s wrong edge and under-rotations, etc. So why did Adelina not suffer from penalties when she clearly  made mistakes too? Also, Yulia’s obvious Flutz on 3Lz-3T was also not called. Why the inconsistency?

A mistake is a mistake no matter what and should be penalized accordingly. No exceptions. 

How Yuna Kim (Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner) Beat Adelina Sotnikova Move by Move (part 2)

Their 3T preceding 3Lz (3Lz-3T combination jump)

*Note that I used a slower gif for Adelina because the video I have doesn’t clearly show the blade on her skates on normal speed.

Guidelines for +GOEs in Jumps (copied from ISU’s actual pdf) (+1 GOE: 2 bullets; +2 GOE: 4 bullets; +3 GOE: 6 or more bullets)

1) unexpected / creative / difficult entry

2) clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element

3) varied position in the air / delay in rotation

4) good height and distance

5) good extension on landing / creative exit

6) good flow from entry to exit including jump combinations / sequences

7) effortless throughout

8) element matched to the musical structure


Adelina’s 3T: 

  • It has pre-rotation. She was already rotating her body even before the toe pick hits the ice. She was facing at least 80-90 degrees off of her original trajectory. If that was the case, her REAL take-off must have been the one where she was facing the tech callers and her under-rotation was so easy to spot because she should have landed in the same angle. Again, there was no < (under-rotation) sign on her scorecard. The tech callers did not call an under-rotation problem even though there obviously was.
  • She has **almost full-blade take off (see image above). Not a clear toe take off. This is a toe jump and therefore should ONLY use the toe pick to launch oneself in to the air. I used the image above because it’s the clearest frame and both the skaters’ body were facing the same direction. The only difference is their feet which clearly shows who executed the jump correctly and with better technique. (FYI, the answer is Yuna.)
  • She has under-rotation. Even if, say, she took-off in her original trajectory (facing the same direction where she landed her 3Lz) which she didn’t, her 3T would still be under-rotated by at least 110 degrees or more than the 1/4 or 90 degrees allowance. According to ISU rules, under-rotated jumps should receive -1 to -2 GOE if there is < sign from tech callers but there wasn’t. If there’s no < sign, there should still be -1 GOE. Here is her scorecard. Notice that penalties were not applied by majority. Only 1 judge gave -1, the rest are 4 +2s, 1 +3, a 0 and a +1.
  • According to the rules stated above re +GOEs, I have only listed 3-4 bullets (#2, #4 surely and #5 and #6 for consideration), that means she should only get +2 GOE at most for her 3-3 combination. BUT notice her multiple mistakes that should be penalized and receive -2 to -3 for wrong edge Lutz take off (with ‘e’ sign) or -1 (no ‘e’), -1 to -2 for poor take off (pre-rotation and use of full blade for 3T) and -1 to -2 for under-rotation (3T). All in all, she should have received -2 (worst) to 0 at best. 
  • Mid-air position not so good, wobbly in action. Unlike Kim, Kostner and Asada, her body is not very straight in mid-air position (IMO).
  • Good points: 1.) Her jumps have great elevation and covers good distance, 2.) She has good speed coming into her jumps tho tends to slow at times. 3) She has steps preceding her jumps.

Yuna’s 3T

  • Correct entry. The blade of the right foot is on the correct trajectory when the toe pick of the left foot hit the ice. The blade of right foot and toe pick of left foot are touching the ice at some point in time unlike Sotnikova’s 3T where the right blade is already elevating as the toe pick hits the ice. (observe .gifs and photo above)
  • No pre-rotation. Face and body are facing front on take-off. Same with the position of her feet which were stable prior to take-off. 
  • Good mid-air position. Tight arms and legs (a little bit air between legs but just really small), straight body, correct alignment of shoulders and hips. *note that the photo above shows only the start of rotations so there’s still space between the legs of both skaters.
  • Not so fully rotated on landing but ACCEPTABLE based on the 90 degrees allowance for skaters and because it is still backwards so should basically receive full credit.
  • **In my opinion, it should receive all +3 GOEs based on above guidelines. I got #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (sure) and #3 (consideration) so #2-#8 (without #3) are 6 bullets, with #3 are 7 bullets. For me this is clearly +3 GOEs across the board but 6 judges gave her +2s and only 3 judges gave +3s. I do not understand what she did wrong to only receive a +2 because she clearly met the requirements for a +3 and even exceeded it IMO. **Yuna received more +3 GOEs before than in Sochi.

Conclusion: Adelina’s 3-3 combination should have received - to 0 or +1 at best GOEs based on multiple faults that SHOULD HAVE been called by the Tech callers and reviewed well by the judges and Yuna should have received more GOEs. 

Again, Adelina Sotnikova is NOT technically superior than Yuna Kim. Her multiple errors indicate that she has not mastered the jumps (3Lz-3T) nor even done them right this season,**not that I know of**. Even her 3Lz-3Lo attempts got edge calls and under-rotation issues before. This is a clear display of technical vulnerability and a little bit of inferiority not superiority. Furthermore, GOEs can be highly subjective and vulnerable to manipulation by the judges. The Technical Panel can also have a great effect on the final scores. A called wrong edge (severe) means an automatic -2 to -3 and a mandatory negative scaled GOE but without an ‘e’ call, it would only be -1 to -2 and negative scaled GOE is not mandatory. That means a lot. GOEs alone can change the overall standing of the skaters and in Sochi, the rules in giving GOEs were not followed, rather they were given without explanation or valid reason to support them. Like handing out candies on Halloween except to only 2 kids who were both Russians.

**I found it! XD

More to come.

Disclaimer: This is only **MY analysis and is therefore subject to criticisms and corrections. Any correction of facts are very welcome because I am not an expert and just trying to make my own analysis. This is not a personal attack and definitely not a hate post against Adelina Sotnikova. Adelina is a very talented skater no doubt. But every analysis I’ve seen points to one thing: the scores in Sochi are not accurate and it benefited some skaters. It is unfair for skaters who are not Russians. I would even say it is unfair for the Russians because their talent which is great on its own is being overshadowed by exaggerated and faulty scores for the sake of “winning”. 

ETA: If I said something wrong, please point it out and I would gladly update my analysis. Thank you.

**Edited to correct.

Anonymous asked: Okay but can we also mention that Yuna's spins weren't very good and she did crossovers instead of transition elements? I feel like she has been overscored in those aspects for years.

I will get to that in my next posts. But just to answer this for now, Yuna’s spins are fast, centered and with good form/posture. I recommend to take a still from her spins and see if she wobbles or makes a bad posture. She doesn’t IMO. She meets the required elements for the levels and GOEs. I would also like to ask you what you meant by “weren’t very good” because it sounds very subjective. I’m trying to be as objective as I can because truth be told, Adelina had good things going on for her too like good speed, fast (inventive) spin, jump elevation and “energy”.

The point of my posts is to point out mistakes she made that were not called because either the tech panelists are blind, incompetent or they intentionally did it. Those mistakes SHOULD HAVE cost her points but instead of getting minuses she got additional points for making mistakes. And those mistakes should have changed the color of her medal. 

See this:

I hope I answered your question and was able to help. Also, I’m not here to vilify Adelina. I do believe she had nothing to do with all these. She trained hard to put out her best performance. Just that her best performance still was flawed and there were others whose bests are better than hers.